Unhappy employees? We’ll tell you what to do!


There comes a time when we all have felt stanged at work. 

If someone in your company starts to feel uncomfortable, demotivated or apathetic, you will realize right away because productivity starts to decrease.  

Being always motivated at a workplace is important for both, your company’s yield and your employees’ personal lives. 

bored at work

However, it’s not necessary to get to that point. Maintaining a good work environment will be always the best way to boost productivity, engage more customers and grow your revenue.

Do not forget that people are raw material to run any company, so here you’ll find different ways to get rid of demotivation at work and energize their spirits to avoid low performance by incentivizing their achievements and awarding their effort.

1.- Make them feel heard and considered.

Get confident

As they are already part of your firm, it is important they feel that way. Hear their opinion. It may not be only important for them. You will be aware of the work environment and reduce staff turnover. Get previous knowledge to deal with future problems. 

2.- Reinforce their confidence.

Love what you do

Believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your true-self, and knowing what you worth is a key for anybody’s success. 

Confident people have positive minds, accept challenges and always try to get out of their comfort zone to achieve new goals. Encourage your employees to reach more and more, so your business will do it too.    

3.- Chances of growth.

chances of growth

Moving forward in life should be a duty for everyone. We all are looking for chances to live a better life. It’s time for you as a boss to trust your people and let them climb higher as soon as they have the chance in your company. 

If you have a new vacancy, look for inner talent before, and consider internal candidates over the external ones. Push them to be better and to improve their lives. Make them enjoy their work, feel comfortable, so they will do their best.

4.- Show appreciation. 

show appreciation at work

Close relationships have been studied by psychologists for at least 15 years. The results highlighted how belonging to a group is helpful for everybody’s best physical and mental development. Showing appreciation is the best way to create close relationships with your employees or companions at work. We’ve all heard about those horror stories with terrible bosses that end up with staff turnover. As a boss, you need to show your employees that their work is being appreciated and valued and that all their effort is important for the company. Keep them motivated

5.- Create engagement. 

Engagement at work

A happy employee is different from an engaged employee. Engagement is an emotional commitment. A satisfied employee will work from 9 to 5 without a complaint. But an engaged worker will go far and beyond for the company’s goals. They don’t work just for a paycheck, but the business mission. If you have a great engagement with your employees, you will have them always by your side.  

There are so many simple ways to create engagement between the organization and your employees. Such as getting to know them, recognize your team, etc. Create a bond and empathize with their interests and their personal life such as a team is the key to Engagement success. 

There’s nothing better than traveling to create powerful connections with people in general. But when it comes to work, an Incentive Travel is the main key you’re looking for.

Start building a stronger team by incentivizing your staff. Go with the experts. Get to know Tropical Incentives DMC and create life-changing memories. 

Latest update on sargassum situation in Cancun

We’ve all heard about the sargassum situation in Cancun and surroundings. 

The recent presence of seaweed in Cancun is raising the alarm in the Mexican Caribbean.  

As is well known, the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean are one of the main Mexican treasures. That’s why the Mexican Government and citizens themselves came together to work and raise awareness of the actual circumstances.

Here you will find out what you didn’t know about the latest situation in Cancun and its beaches.   

Sargassum on the Mexican Caribbean

On the other hand, it is important for you to know that Sargassum is not located on every beach, neither it shows every day. Up to now,  about 128,000 cubic meters, which are more than 155 tons of sargassum was removed from the coasts in the main beaches of the zone.

People, hotels, companies and the government have joined forces to beat sargassum.

Citizens cleaning up

So don’t be afraid of sargassum ruining your travel. We recommend asking your travel manager about the seaweed specific situation on the beach you’re planning to visit.

Look up for the best beaches and places to stay and put your plans on experts’ hands.

New digital Platform for planners

TIA (Travel Industry Advisor) was introduced as the new platform for planners aimed for experts of the MICE industry to improve the Travel Business.

Introducing TIA at the MPI congress

Earlier this week, during The MPI congress which took place on past July 3rth, TIA was launched. The first online community designed for meeting and event planners.  

As a result

TIA has 3 main features:

  • Rating providers of tourism Services
  • Commenting
  • Quoting services

For more information visit www.tiamx.com

Travel Industry Advisor

Quebec to Cancun

Starting on December 21st, Air Canada Rouge will connect Quebec to Cancun.

Earlier this week, Air Canada announced that starting on December 21st, Air Canada Rouge will fly from Quebec to Cancun.

Direct flight from Quebec to Cancun

Under those circumstances, a direct flight will be operated each Saturday departing from Quebec on a direct route to Cancun with a capacity for 200 passengers.

This would be the 8th Mexican Air Canada’s destination. Such as Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, San José del Cabo, etc.

Afraid of organizing corporate events?

There are so many risks to take when it comes to Corporate Events organization.

The importance of having a successful corporate event for your corporation is a fact that many people ignore until they fail.

We understand how important is the success of your corporate events for you and your company. Here you’ll find the main reasons you need to avoid to reduce the margin of error when running an event.

Continue reading “Afraid of organizing corporate events?”

6 Beaches in Mexico that you need to know for Incentive Travel

Mexico has a variety of destinations for your incentive trips and events, and among the favorites are the beaches of Mexico, which worldwide are known as the most beautiful internationally. In this top we list the 6 most beautiful beaches in Mexico that you should know.

Beaches in Mexico – Playa Delfines, Cancún

The ideal place of the mexican carribean, famous for beaches with cristal clear waters and fine golden sands. The right ubication to take advantage of the sun and practice various watery activities as snorkeling, diving, swiming and more.

Playa Delfines, certificated by the label Blue Flag and ubicated at the hotel zone is the most popular beach thanks to the letters of Cancun. A concept loved by the tourists who enjoy taking a picture with an incredible landscape in the background. Cancún is well known for being the place of the great parties. Here you have two clubs very popular: Coco Bongo with spectacular shows, and the Mandala club which has a concept of “after beach” to continue the party by the sea.

Tulum,Riviera Maya

The most famous place of the Riviera Maya for being the only site that combines culture and history, by the sea.

The archaeological area of Tulum is built in an exceptional natural site bordering the Carribean sea with turquoise colors, on a cliff which enhance the edifice.

You will learn about the Mayan civilization walking by the beaten tracks near the iguanas and watching the beautiful vestiges of this old port. The castle is the main edifice of the ruin, overlooking the sea that you can join thanks to a typical wood stairs going down to the sand.


Punta de Mita, Riviera Nayarit

At first, Punta de Mita was an old little-known fishing village. Nowadays it is recognized as a paradise of the Riviera Nayarit that many people want to know.

In this hidden place of the Riviera Nayarit, you can meet famous people who come to take advantage of their private residences and the tranquility of the location to isolate from the rest of the world. A luxury and intimate place and to disconnect and to rest. The beach has a fine sand and the waves turned this place into a paradise for the surfers


Playa de los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta

A wonderful beach with soft sand that extends over two kilometers, very close to the city of Puerto Vallarta and adapted for several types of tourists as families, couples, and backpackers.

It is very nice in Playa de los Muertos to walk along the promenade to the sea shore, among the street vendors who will show their handicraft. A warm atmosphere. After a walk, it is advisable to enjoy having lunch in one of the restaurants ubicated facing the ocean listen mariachis music. Yes this site awakens the five senses.

A place to rest which also offers several maritime activities as parachuting, diving, but also terrestrial, riding a bicycle or a Jeep by the mountainous landscape. From the sea or the land, Playa de los Muertos garantes sensations. Playa de Los Muertos also vibrates at night with several local nightclubs.


Playa Balandra, LaPaz

A wonderful beach ubicated at 25 kilometers from La Paz that provides a singular unspoilt landscape where several colors are confused making this magical place. A beach of blue water blurred and surrounded by mountains. The sea is not deep, so you can take advantage to enjoy a romantic promenade, walking through this giant space in a quiet and pure environment. In addition Playa Balandra does not have hotels infrastructures, allowing the safeguarding of this beautiful natural place. No element come to interrupt the view of the sun going down and providing a beautiful sunset


Playa El Médano, Los Cabos

El Medano is ubicated in the center of the famous bay of Cabo San Lucas and it is one of the more visited beaches in Mexico by the tourists who come on holiday to Los Cabos.

This beach provides daytime several activities such kayak, boat navigation, diving, and sport fishing. It should be considered that El Medano is the ideal place to discover the famous Arco, where the sea of Cortez join and meet the Pacific Ocean. This union named “end of the world” and used to record several movies, It is a natural monument that became over the years a symbol of Baja California.

From the beach, it is very easy to reach the various restaurants and clubs to enjoy the nightlife.


Tropical Incentives DMC is responsible for organizing your event and incentive travel in each of these paradisiacal and unavoidable beaches in Mexico

Count on our professionalism to be able to live a quality event discovering the attractions of these beautiful places, in addition to the exclusive services that you manage for your incentive group.

Welcome to Mexican Caribbean Coast

The plane starts to land at the international airport in Cancun. The lucky people in the window seats will be able to appreciate the picture postcard view of Mexican Caribbean coast. They take in the spectacular blue tones, provoking smiles that won’t leave their faces until they return home.

Finally, you’ve arrived to Mexican Caribbean coast. You’ll be wishing that you’d thought to put your bathing suit on under your clothes. Feel the fine sandy beach and enjoy the sun as you step off the plane.


Once you’re checked in at your impressive Cancun, Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel hotel, you’ll be ready to experience an incredible adventure in this idyllic setting. How to start exploring all the attractions that the Mexican Caribbean has to offer? This is when you appreciate to come from the hand of the right people. A company that provides professional logistics services in groups and conventions management like Tropical Incentives DMC. As experts in destinations, they can organize an itinerary that will allow you to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Too Much to Discover and Do on Mexican Caribbean

Surely, a bit of everything will be included to explore and discover the different attractions that make up this paradise. You could start with a relaxing snorkeling tour in Isla Mujeres or an exciting day scuba diving in Cozumel. Here is the second largest barrier reef system in the world. You could also dive into the enigmatic beauty of the cenotes and caverns of the Riviera Maya. Another option could be to take a day to swim with dolphins in Cancun, Isla Mujeres or the Riviera Maya. Even witness the sight of the majestic whale shark in its natural habitat, the island of Holbox.

You can also explore the remains of impressive Mayan cities in the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan. Walk in the nature reserves of Sian Ka’an or Contoy Island as you admire the variety of flora and fauna. In other words, the key is to be carried away and trust the advice of experts.


Wrap yourself up in the embrace of Mother Nature and discover the secrets nestled in the jungle. Discover the marvels hidden under the surface of the Caribbean Sea. Accept this irresistible invitation and enjoy a wonderful vacation before returning home with fond memories of the sights and sceneries. You have to experience it in firsthand to beat the picture postcard view you see as you arrive. Come and realize the potential that exists and the infinite possibilities granted by these magical words: Welcome to Mexico’s Caribbean coast!

Tropical Incentives DMC participates in reforestation

One of the main environmental concerns is the fight against climate change, and an important strategy to contribute to this is the sustainable management of forests. Reforestation campaigns are popular among companies. In Tropical Incentives DMC we complement them with team building activities, exercises to promote leadership and raise awareness about the importance of forests.

Tropical Incentives DMC caring the environment

Committed to caring for the environment

In Tropical Incentives DMC, committed to caring for the environment, we consider the sustainability issue as relevant and critical. We have worked together with the Coordination of the Sub-Directorate of Ecology of Puerto Vallarta in various projects, such as the one of August 18, 2018, in which with the unconditional support of the collaborators and their families, we participate in the reforestation of the Av. Mexico planting 160 trees.

Reforestation in Puerto Vallarta

In Tropical Incentives DMC we are convinced that by attending to social and environmental causes we create important links with society, such as this simple action, with which in addition to improving the image of one of the main avenues of Puerto Vallarta, we contribute to the preservation of green areas, reinforcing our commitment to participate in sustainability practices and social responsibility.

Reforestation Team Tropical Incentives DMC

Tropical Incentives DMC awarded as International Partner of the Year 2018 by Global DMC Partners

Global DMC Partners, the global network of Destination Management Companies (DMCs), announced the winners of its 2018 awards at their annual Connection in Warsaw, Poland last August 18th.  The 2018 International Partner of the Year was awarded to Tropical Incentives DMC.

The event, held in Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, attracted just under 200 industry professionals who explored this up-and-coming meetings destination. This year, offerings were divided into U.S. versus international events for all industry members, and included a roundtable discussion on general data protection regulations and the related role of meeting planners. There was also a presentation from Michael Dominguez, chief sales officer for MGM International.

Representing Tropical Incentives DMC attended Alex Medina, Associate Director of Sales in Cancun, and Ana Corona, General Manager in Puerto Vallarta. Prior to the award ceremony, Alex distributed “maracas” and “charro hats” as souvenirs to some of the attendees. When Tropical Incentives DMC was mentioned as winner of the International Partner of the Year 2018, Alex’s excitement and joy were revealed when he took the stage shaking the maracas, an action that was joined by those who had such musical instruments, creating a festive and peculiar atmosphere.


Other winners of the night were Realize Colorado and Shackman Associates New York, both were awarded the 2018 U.S. Partner of the Year, marking the second time each DMC received the award.

Catherine Chaulet, President of Global DMC Partners, congratulated the DMC award winners and said, “We are delighted to recognize meeting planners through our client awards each year.” She added, “Realize Colorado, Shackman Associates, and Tropical Incentives are the ideal representation of what it means to be a Global DMC Partner. We are thrilled to honor these three, spectacular DMCs due to their entire teams’ passion for creativity and quality, which in turn, results in outstanding client feedback.”


At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, Global DMC Partners announced that Connection 2019 will be hosted by Tropical Incentives DMC from August 22-25, 2019 at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. 

Los Cabos: Attractions and Tours in the Desert and the Sea


The cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo form what’s known across the globe as Los Cabos, one of the most important tourism destinations in Mexico.

The tranquil and traditional city of San Jose del Cabo features a wide variety of diverse natural and cultural attractions. Cabo San Lucas is known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches. Continue reading “Los Cabos: Attractions and Tours in the Desert and the Sea”