DMC tourism: A different kind of tourism


A different kind of tourism that will fulfill your expectations

Within the tourism industry, we can find several segments that specialize in different traveling groups and for different purposes.

That is why for the segment of business tourism and groups requiring management of their destinations, including travel and logistics, there are DMC tourism companies.


What does it mean the acronym DMC and what is it about?

DMC is an acronym for Destination Management Company. And it comprehends the organization of tourist services based on knowledge of destinations and markets of events, incentives, and motivation.

Tropical Incentives DMC is part of this segment of tourism destinations for groups in Mexico in the business travel and DMC travel segment.


When a tourist group decides to organize their corporate travel business and incentive trips, they need to have options that can only be offered by companies with experience in the sector, let’s say a top Destination Management Company.

Luxurios Resort in Riviera Nayarit

This way they can have alternatives to dining, tourist transportation, and tourist attractions. That’s the idea of DMC tourism; get to offer experiences in the country otherwise more connected with the culture and customs for tourists to engage in this way with the chosen destination and the perfect destination management services.


The way in which the DMC´s and business travel companies do their jobs is through recommendations and hotel reservations, search sites and attractions, management of meetings and events, restaurant recommendations and reservations, transport management, tours, and tourist activities and other services that help the tour group experience.

This is where the DMC company knowledge and experience is vital to be able to find the option that best fits what the group needs in your chosen destination.


And right there it is the advantage of having a DMC company as opposed to seeking such information on the Internet on your own.

The experience and counseling of a DMC company will enable the tourist group to reach some sites or preferred features of the chosen site that only the knowledge and experience can ensure.