5 reasons to hold your next event in Mexico City

Angel of Independence

Mexico City is one of the most fascinating places world wide.

Mexico’s capital, has the perfect combination of our modern life and a rich historical past with colonial architecture that tells a mindblowing story about their culture.

Discover the 5 main reasons to choose Mexico City to frame your next corporate event.

1.- The mixture of the old and the modern Mexico

Chapultepec Castle
Chapultepec Castle

The perfect match between a cultural wealth downtown and a well developed modern life with cutting edge buildings and all of them with the luxurious amenities that your event may need.

The old Mexico is still alive in certain areas of the city. You can have a vivid viewing of the old buildings downtown and in the outskirts of the city.

That’s the case of the Chapultepec Castle from the 18th century. Is one of the most amazings examples of the Mexican’s wealth. You can’t miss it and learn more about this rich heritage.

Find countless places to set your corporate event up. From amazing shopping malls, and luxurious hotels with all the facilities for conventions, to dining venues at a natural scenario on the outskirts of the city.

2.- Attractions, tours and activities. 

Ride across the city

A wide range of attractions, and activities for your attendees. From a tour across the city, or Mexican Cooking classes, to flying on a hot air balloon above the archaeological areas of Teotihuacan where you would get to enjoy a vivid ride to the past through the Mexican history in a unique way.

Unparalleled activities that will make your program a once in a lifetime experience in Mexico. Whether if you want it to be outdoors with amazing landscapes or indoors with all the facilities for your conventions.

3. Museums.

Soumaya Museum

Mexico City is the second destination with the most museus globally. This can give you an idea of the amount of attractions richness in the area.

No matter what kind of exhibition your group may need, it’s for sure you will find it in Mexico City.

4.-Hospitality infrastructure  

Luxurious Hotels in Mexico City

Mexico City offers varied and well-developed hospitality facilities, complete with meeting rooms and spaces that can accommodate one or many, business or social events.

Hotels usually have a banquet service, as well as all the necessary equipment and support materials to cater to the requirements of the participants.

The city has an impressive array of hotels with first-class facilities and services, state-of-the-art business and convention centers capable of receiving multiple groups of any number of people in any kind of event.

5.- Connectivity

Mexico City International Airport

Mexico City International Airport moves the greatest number of passengers in the country, reaching more than 44 million a year spread over more than 400,000 commercial flights and 26 different airlines.

This makes it one of the most important airport hubs in the world. It operates flights to and from the main cities of Mexico, the United States and Canada, as well as with many other destinations in America, Europe and Asia.

Is your choice! 

Complete your experience with a wide variety of recreational sites, dining venues, and shopping malls, as well as diverse cultural sites, it is ideal for all types of visitors, whether they are here for business or pleasure.

Contact us and get a once in a lifetime event in Mexico City. Take advantage of its state-of-the-art facilities for meetings and conventions plus its colonial lifestyle that will make your attendees have a complete and vivid experience.

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