All you need is an apapacho.

What’s an apapacho? how does it look like? but most important, how does it feel an “apapacho”?

Have you ever heard the word “apapacho”? Hard to pronounce, right? It should sound like: a-pa-pa-cho.

Here you will find out the real meaning of this latin american word and how to use it correctly

Birthday party

Apapacho comes from the Nahuatl language and it means handgrip with affection. This word evolved, and was adopted by the Latin American cultures with a deeper meaning which you’re about to discover. 

Apapacho has no word equal in english, not either other language. You have to live it to understand it.

Don’t worry. We all have experienced an APAPACHO before. You don’t know when? 

Pamper your child

Remember when you were little and you got sick and decided to stay at home instead of attending school? We’re sure your mom spoiled you all the time, and not only provided you everything you needed to feel better, but also she made it with tons of love you still can feel it when you think of it. 

Whenever love and care turns into something tangible, that’s an apapacho.

You may think that an apapacho is all about being helpful and useful, but the real meaning goes deeper than that.  

An apapacho absolute mission is always looking forward to making you feel at ease and creating an environment of confidence, fun, and love at any moment. It is all about feeding the soul.

Another sample is when someone at your office leaves you a chocolate on your desk with a little note. Or when it’s friday night and you just got home tired from working the whole week and your partner have you prepared your favorite dish for dinner. What a smile on your face right? An apapacho is aimed to make your heart happy.

Favorite dish

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