Build a smile, build a Bike.

Building a Bike

A touching CSR activity that will reinforce your team’s bonds.

An activity that will touch your group members’ hearts and create bonds that last forever.

Luxurious facilities, creative concepts, original venues, will never fall out of fashion. Organizations will always look for original and functional activities for their teams.

Since CSR activities just jumped in and became the top task that many Incentive groups are looking for. You want to make sure to choose the right CSR activity.

Our personal favorite is the one we call “Build a Bike”.

Build a bike was specially developed for all those grateful souls who like to share thankfulness to inspire others. Kindness and altruism are the two main ingredients for this giving-back project. Let’s team up!


  • The MC will get together with Team Captains before the activity begins to go over the rules and answer any questions related to the game.
  • Without exception, all team members are required to participate.
  • Extra points will be given to teams with the best team spirit in solving clues.
  • Each team Captain is responsible for making his team put forth their best efforts to solve clues and overcome the challenges they face.
  • All Captains will be responsible for having their teams ready when they are called by the MC to start the activity.
  • If the team is not ready, they pay a point penalty at the end of the game. Participants must wear their T-shirts or other identifiers throughout the event.
Captains ready

It will be a fun race against the clock where participants will be searching for clues and face a challenging situation that must be resolved as they crop up.

Clues and challenges will test participants’ skills and abilities. Teams will do physical or mental activities and by scoring they will win pieces and tools to assemble the bikes because of its great versatility.

This activity can be adapted to any group’s needs and can be held anywhere, even on hotel grounds.

Bikes will be donated to a local charity. Everyone’s a winner in this fast-paced philanthropic team-building adventure.

An activity that was exclusively designed to fulfill your group members’ hearts. If there is something better than giving back, is giving back to kids and witness how the smile on their faces light up the room side to side.

This team-building activity will touch your attendee’s hearts and let them feel the satisfaction of giving back to those who are in need.

Nothing like pampering your inner child by giving other kids the surprise of their lives.

Reinforce the strength of your team while being part of a lifetime experience and rediscover your appreciation for life through less fortunate kids’ eyes.

Happy children receiving their bike

An exciting corporate “dream” building event that gives back to kids in a meaningful and real way.

At Tropical Incentives DMC you will find this and many more activities for your attendees. Don’t miss the chance to live the giving back experience and contact our experts to get a quote.

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