Destination Management Services: 3 Must Do’s when in Cancun


Do you know that when people get married, at least in the United States, one of the most popular places to go to for a honeymoon in Cancun? Imagine a beautiful beach resort with an amazing view, service, and nothing to worry about. Cancun has 3 must see things to do and your DMC needs to know them to offer you the best alternatives.


The first thing you must do before leaving Cancun is to touch a dolphin. Yes, I said it, touch and swim with dolphins can be a different activity for an incentive trip. Most Destination Management Companies these activities as an attractive corporate travel program. It is one of the coolest things you will ever do. We’ve all seen dolphins in movies, maybe we’ve even seen them come out of the water in the ocean while we are on a boat, but how many people can say they have swum with dolphins. 


Second thing is to know a bit o history and culture visiting the Maya ruins. You will walk in the same places that the ancient Mayas did hundreds of years ago. It is an amazing experience to see the origins of a civilization and the advances they had in different areas, such as astrology. 


The third thing that you must do is to spend some time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, something that is included among most DMC services. Cancun is a spectacular place and is known worldwide for its beaches, so take advantage of them. Put on some sunscreen, sunglasses, and relax!


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