How to choose the right destination for incentive travel? The 2020 ultimate guide.


2020 is here and a new decade has begun. New year, new experiences, new trends … and you can’t stay behind!

Discover what are the new features that a place must have to be considered as the ideal place to hold your next corporate event.

Living experiences will play a very important role. Make sure to offer your group something that exceeds any expectations, we will tell you what you should keep in mind.

Rich in history

A place with a rich history is a place with a live soul. Definitely a better place to be. There’s nothing more fulfilling than learning about other countries and the history of its people and culture. Choose a place with tons of historical richness and get your group to travel back in time to those old days.

A wide range of activities 

Activities and attractions are a must when choosing the perfect place to run your corporate event. Either if they’re land or water, outdoors or indoors activities, you can always find the ones that match perfectly your group. From cooking classes to wild adventures in the sea. 


Mexican Food

Food is part of the culture of every country. Through typical plates, you can taste the history in a very particular way. Strong aromas, spicy flavors that will make your convention an event to remember. 

Natural Beauty

Your attendees’ Instagram account will be grateful to have great photos with amazing landscapes. Besides impeccable services, make sure the destination of your choice has natural beauty so you can connect with mother nature and enjoy all its wonders

Now you’re up to date and ready to plan with success your next corporate event for 2020. 

At Tropical Incentives DMC, we are experts at creating experiences that will make a difference in your attendees’ lives.

Get to know our full of culture and natural beauty destinations, plus all the luxurious amenities that your event needs.

Contact our experts at coordinating and group design and get more info to let the magic begin this 2020.

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