Latest update on sargassum situation in Cancun

We’ve all heard about the sargassum situation in Cancun and surroundings. 

The recent presence of seaweed in Cancun is raising the alarm in the Mexican Caribbean.  

As is well known, the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean are one of the main Mexican treasures. That’s why the Mexican Government and citizens themselves came together to work and raise awareness of the actual circumstances.

Here you will find out what you didn’t know about the latest situation in Cancun and its beaches.   

Sargassum on the Mexican Caribbean

On the other hand, it is important for you to know that Sargassum is not located on every beach, neither it shows every day. Up to now,  about 128,000 cubic meters, which are more than 155 tons of sargassum was removed from the coasts in the main beaches of the zone.

People, hotels, companies and the government have joined forces to beat sargassum.

Citizens cleaning up

So don’t be afraid of sargassum ruining your travel. We recommend asking your travel manager about the seaweed specific situation on the beach you’re planning to visit.

Look up for the best beaches and places to stay and put your plans on experts’ hands.

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