The Ultimate Guide Of Incentive Travel for Millennials

How to engage millennials

How to engage Millennials with Incentive Travel?

This is the Ultimate Guide of Incentive Travel and Millenials. Here you will find all you have to know. 

What’s the future of Incentive Travel when it comes to Millenials? Get rid of your concerns. Find out everything you have to know about the new generation in the MICE industry and their conception of Incentive Travel.

Young travelers around the world

By 2025 Millennials (those who were born between 1980 and 1996), will lead 75% of the global workforce

5 ways to engage millennials in Incentive Travel.

As any Incentive Travel, the main reason is to award, recognize and motivate. But you may be aware of what you should change when planning an event for millennials. 

It is a fact that Millennials are changing the workplace and shifting meeting strategies. 

1.- Engagement.

This community’s main feature is they’re looking for immersive, authentic and deep experiences to succeed. Inspiration should be your Incentive Travel major ingredient. Such as team building activities.

2.- Authentic Destinations and Venues. 

Millennials are always looking forward to innovating or modifying traditions. Typical destinations will not surprise them. Get them amazed by organizing unparalleled events in places with its own magic. 

Cavern in Mexico

3.- Gastronomy. 

We all have seen those Instagram pictures hashtagged with #PornFood. It is not a surprise for anyone that millennials like to share original dishes on social media. Gastronomy is an important part of the experience when it comes to traveling. Look for delicious but also showy food. 

Mexican ingredients

4.- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Young people like to give back and are always looking for an opportunity to help others while they can. Kindness and altruism are two main keys to engage with millennial’s souls. Don’t forget to include this kind of activities in your plans. 

CSR activities

5.- Learn from other cultures. 

Digital age has brought a lot of cultures to our mobile devices. Millennials just can’t wait to pack their stuff and go hunting new experiences while getting in touch with different cultures and expanding their knowledge. If you’re planning an Incentive Travel, include activities to enrich their world. 

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