Unhappy employees? We’ll tell you what to do!


There comes a time when we all have felt stanged at work. 

If someone in your company starts to feel uncomfortable, demotivated or apathetic, you will realize right away because productivity starts to decrease.  

Being always motivated at a workplace is important for both, your company’s yield and your employees’ personal lives. 

bored at work

However, it’s not necessary to get to that point. Maintaining a good work environment will be always the best way to boost productivity, engage more customers and grow your revenue.

Do not forget that people are raw material to run any company, so here you’ll find different ways to get rid of demotivation at work and energize their spirits to avoid low performance by incentivizing their achievements and awarding their effort.

1.- Make them feel heard and considered.

Get confident

As they are already part of your firm, it is important they feel that way. Hear their opinion. It may not be only important for them. You will be aware of the work environment and reduce staff turnover. Get previous knowledge to deal with future problems. 

2.- Reinforce their confidence.

Love what you do

Believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your true-self, and knowing what you worth is a key for anybody’s success. 

Confident people have positive minds, accept challenges and always try to get out of their comfort zone to achieve new goals. Encourage your employees to reach more and more, so your business will do it too.    

3.- Chances of growth.

chances of growth

Moving forward in life should be a duty for everyone. We all are looking for chances to live a better life. It’s time for you as a boss to trust your people and let them climb higher as soon as they have the chance in your company. 

If you have a new vacancy, look for inner talent before, and consider internal candidates over the external ones. Push them to be better and to improve their lives. Make them enjoy their work, feel comfortable, so they will do their best.

4.- Show appreciation. 

show appreciation at work

Close relationships have been studied by psychologists for at least 15 years. The results highlighted how belonging to a group is helpful for everybody’s best physical and mental development. Showing appreciation is the best way to create close relationships with your employees or companions at work. We’ve all heard about those horror stories with terrible bosses that end up with staff turnover. As a boss, you need to show your employees that their work is being appreciated and valued and that all their effort is important for the company. Keep them motivated

5.- Create engagement. 

Engagement at work

A happy employee is different from an engaged employee. Engagement is an emotional commitment. A satisfied employee will work from 9 to 5 without a complaint. But an engaged worker will go far and beyond for the company’s goals. They don’t work just for a paycheck, but the business mission. If you have a great engagement with your employees, you will have them always by your side.  

There are so many simple ways to create engagement between the organization and your employees. Such as getting to know them, recognize your team, etc. Create a bond and empathize with their interests and their personal life such as a team is the key to Engagement success. 

There’s nothing better than traveling to create powerful connections with people in general. But when it comes to work, an Incentive Travel is the main key you’re looking for.

Start building a stronger team by incentivizing your staff. Go with the experts. Get to know Tropical Incentives DMC and create life-changing memories. 

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