Quebec to Cancun

Starting on December 21st, Air Canada Rouge will connect Quebec to Cancun.

Earlier this week, Air Canada announced that starting on December 21st, Air Canada Rouge will fly from Quebec to Cancun.

Direct flight from Quebec to Cancun

Under those circumstances, a direct flight will be operated each Saturday departing from Quebec on a direct route to Cancun with a capacity for 200 passengers.

This would be the 8th Mexican Air Canada’s destination. Such as Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, San José del Cabo, etc.

Afraid of organizing corporate events?

There are so many risks to take when it comes to Corporate Events organization.

The importance of having a successful corporate event for your corporation is a fact that many people ignore until they fail.

We understand how important is the success of your corporate events for you and your company. Here you’ll find the main reasons you need to avoid to reduce the margin of error when running an event.

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Destination Management Services: 3 Must Do’s when in Cancun


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